How To Learn (And Remember)
30-100 Words Every Month

(Without studying, memorizing or doing boring homework.)

She learned 66 words in one month using my Memory Machine Method.

Dear English student,

You’ve got the super words in your inbox.

That’s STEP ONE.

STEP TWO is actually remembering and using them.

There are just two problems with that…

Problem #1: Time

Meetings, emails, reports, family, hobbies…

Your day is already full.

Although English is important for you – very important – it’s just not possible to squeeze more into your day.

Problem #2: Your Memory

You want to learn a new word, so you find it in the dictionary.

But a few seconds later…it’s gone.


You feel your memory used to be better. Maybe something has changed and it’s too late for you…

So what’s the solution…?

The Curve of Forgetting. Memory research that shows how great we are at forgetting.

No Studying, No Memorizing, No Textbooks, No Classrooms

A video course for learning and remembering new English words

Years ago I made three discoveries.

My students are:

  • busy
  • tired in the evening
  • don't like anything boring

Maybe this sounds obvious to you.

But walk into to a language school and it’s like you’re walking into an education museum: their teaching methods have not changed for 100 years.

Text books…memorization…group classes…

These methods are as old as going to the market on a horse.

And for most adults they do not work.

Years ago, I decided I wanted to get results – not follow tradition!

My rules are:

  • No homework
  • Nothing long
  • Nothing boring

How I Discovered What Actually Works

For years my method for teaching vocabulary was the traditional notebook.

You write a sentence with a gap on the left side of the page and the new word on the right side and you quiz yourself.

And it was ok: sometimes students used my notebook method, sometimes they didn’t.

Then came smartphones, wifi and something called “Anki.”

Because students love using their phones…

Because they can use  them anywhere and any time…

And because Anki is a free online program that uses the same principles of the notebook…

Suddenly learning new words was as easy as moving your thumb.

And it’s fun!

Some of my students even call Anki “the game.”

A Proven Method – My Students Get Results

After several years of using Anki  -- both for teaching myself Czech vocabulary and teaching my students English vocabulary -- I’ve really figured it out.

I know all the mistakes to avoid and all the tricks for getting the fastest results.

After a few weeks of using my method, my students tell me they finally begin to:

  • relax - in meetings, during conversations, on the phone...because they finally understand
  • feel confident – they can use the words they need for their work. Plus, they sound smarter when they speak!

A Machine That Does It For You

Remember the scene in "The Matrix" where Keanu Reeves connects his brain to a computer and a few seconds later he knows kung fu?

Well, we're not there yet. But if feels like we're getting close.

The machine my students and I use is a free download online.

It's already being used by the world's best language learners, so-called hyper-polyglots.

  • Spaced Learning: A simple change that reduces learning time by 1/3 and is the exact opposite of what we learned in school.
  • The Testing Effect: This is why I tell my students "Don't study!" 5 minutes of learning with the testing effect is the same as 25 minutes of traditional studying
  • Tip Of The Tongue Phenomenon: An easy trick that improves memory 20-200%

Just 10-30 Minutes – Because You’re Busy

I don’t “teach English” like a traditional teacher.

Instead, I help my students solve their “English problem.”

And part of that solution is to save them time… to find methods which even the busiest student can do.

The tested routines you’ll learn in the Memory Machine Method trainings will give you maximum results in the least amount of time.

(However, this is not a miracle solution or a “magic pill.” The Memory Machine Method does require a daily commitment.)

10 Valuable Lessons

Here are some of the lessons you’ll learn in the Memory Machine Method training:

VIDEO 2: Stop Studying!

Why studying is a bad idea. And what you should do instead.

VIDEO 5: How To Make Words Active

Because knowing words isn't enough. You want to use them in conversation. Here’s how. (Even if you don’t have a teacher or someone to practice with)

VIDEO 10: Three Fatal Mistakes To Avoid

When you learn a word incorrectly you “program” your brain to make mistakes. Learn correctly the first time because unlearning is harder than learning.

Less Than The Price Of A Trip To Starbucks

My private students pay 300 Euros a month for my 1-1 coaching program.

But you can get this important piece of my training right now… and for just €11.

Yes… just €11.

You can get a big Caffé Mocha and a muffin at Starbucks or you can:

  • Relax. No more fast heart beat. No more sweety hands. No more headaches. Because now you finally understand all the words. And you can quickly find the words you need to say whatever you want.
  • Write “fluent” on your CV. Apply for your dream job. Make more money. Enjoy going to work every morning.
  • Be the English speaker your colleagues trust to give presentations, talk to foreign clients, make important phone calls…
  • Save time and money. The old sit-in-a-classroom-read-a-boring-textbook-memorize-a-list-of-words-take-a-test method will not make you fluent . To remember hundreds, and thousands, of new words you must use methods proven by research.

Click the “Order Now” button below to start building your native speaker vocabulary.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconHow long is the training?

    There are 12 videos. Each video is 3-15 minutes.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yes. If you don’t like the training send me an email within 60 days with the message “Ryan, please send me a refund.” And I’ll immediately return your money. ([email protected])

  • q-iconWhen will I get access to the training?


    After you pay on the next page you’ll get the link and password to the lesson page.

  • q-iconWhat are your students saying?

    I emailed some of my former students and current students and asked them “How has my method for learning new words helped you?”

    Here’s what they sent me:

  • q-iconWhy is it just €11?

    The first reason is motivation.

    Something magic happens when you invest money for your education.

    Suddenly you pay attention and do the work.

    From my own experience, I’ve downloaded lots of free books and trainings, and I’ve also paid money for lots of books and trainings. Sometimes I watch the free stuff, sometimes I don’t. But I always read and watch what I pay for.

    The second reason is sometimes a student takes a low-price training like this and then decides he/she would like to be my private student. So it’s also a way for me to find new students.

Maria Spišáková

Currently I learn about 60 words monthly by using a method from Ryan. I still remember all the words including those ones I learned a half year ago.

Maria Spišáková
Jiři Rudolf

I didn’t believe that with my memory I was able to remember difficult words. But now I find it’s easy.

Jiři Rudolf, Pricewaterhousecoopers
Sylva Antony Čekalová

Ryan´s method of vocab training is the fastest and most effective method I´ve ever tried. With this method I think I´m able to learn and really remember  an estimated 50 new words a month. And what is the best, when learning the words in context, I can immediately use them in conversation or when listening to audio.

Sylva Antony Čekalová
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